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Center care

There are many center-based childcare providers in McHenry County. These centers may be affiliated with a national chain, or be a free standing center. Either way, these are good for children who wish to socialize with many others the same age. Center-based care usually groups children by age and ability. This may be important when there are older siblings at home who tend to assist too often.

Check with friends and neighbors to see what type of reputation a center has.  Are there plenty of working and age-appropriate toys for the children, or are the toys broken, missing pieces, or in-appropriate for the children? Are the meals adequate, or do children always ask for food when they are picked up? Do the meals meet USDA guidelines? Why did a friend pick one center over another? Did they have a bad experience at one place then change? Is there a high staff turnover? Does the staff seem to exceed initial expectations?

There are a lot of reasons to decide on one caregiver over another, but be certain that your childs needs are met adequately first and foremost, afterall, they are the reason you are seeking care.

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