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Summer Programs

Does your provider offer a special summer program? Many home providers offer a flexible program that accommodates older siblings that are on break from school. Craft projects that are suitable for larger hands, or those that require more skill, are offered to keep the older child engaged. Some programs even offer field trips on a regular basis.

Why is it important that your provider offer a summer program? Many children spend their summer playing games, hopefully taking advantage of the good weather and opportunity to be outside. Oversummer break it is important to play and keep learning. A good summer program can mix activity with learning opportunities, and a structured program that will make the new school year transition easier.

Should you consider a daycare program for your child, even if you are home during the day? The answer is maybe. If your child has friends in daycare, or if your child has difficulty making friends, then a structured program might be a good idea. Many providers will enroll older children for summer on a part-time or drop in basis (which works around summer trips), check for availability with your provider.

If your provider does not offer a special program for older children, but you still need care, you might consider spending part of the summer doing school or park district programs. These are usually one or two week sessions that are typically focused on one or two specific topics. Park district program can be sports based, or special interest such as science or cooking.

A summer program that is structured and fun will certainly benefit older children. It will keep them active and away from video games, at least part of the day.

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