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Staff Turnover

Do you have concerns about staff turnover at your center? Unfortunately, this is a reality, even in the best of centers. There are many reasons for turnover as there are in many businesses. People may choose to leave to pursue additional education, a change of opportunity, or for family or personal reasons.

So what do you do when the perfect provider has moved on? Your child will be fine, there may be some anxiety, but you can help the situation by addressing it. Ahead of time, help your child make a card and be involved in the process. It will be easier if there is an opportunity to transition before the last day.

Then when the new provider is introduced, involve your child in a welcome process. Again making a card is a great way to discuss the changes. Remember, this first day for your child held anxiety for a new situation.

As your child gets older there will be the opportunity to experience this each year as the end of the school year approaches. There will be cues as the classroom teacher winds down the school year and children take belongings home. New teachers will be encountered all through your child’s education. Children that have learned to accept change in care-givers can adjust more easily to new situations and new people in their lives.

Take advantage of the opportunity to get to know your new provider, eventually you may find this is the perfect provider for your child. Rest assured that your center staff strives to be the best available.

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