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Continuing Education

Does your provider have a background in early childhood education? Does your provider continue to take classes or seminars related to the child care field? Although providers are required to keep certifications current, and obtain minimal educational credits available through various agencies, a licensed provider who seeks training above and beyond requirements tends to be a more attentive caregiver.

Studies have shown that more qualified caregivers (through training and education) tend to provide a more positive and attentive environment for children. Licensed caregivers and those who participate in a network of home-care providers, who consider themselves childcare professionals, tend to interact more appropriately- whether reading books, or engaging children in projects or learning activities.

When seeking a childcare environment ask if staff take classes or seminars that would apply toward an early child degree program in addition to the required CPR and First Aid training. Ask how many staff exceed requirements annually and ask what the providers philosophy is regarding lifelong learning.

When your provider reports on what your child does during the day, ask how the activities are important developmentally.  Are the activities geared toward reducing boredom, or is there really a method to the silly things your child does.  How can you continue the enthusiam outside of the class?

Your provider will be happy to answer questions about their background and assure you that the training they have will provide  a better environment for your child.

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