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How to select a Child Care Center

There are a range of offerings for childcare centers. How do you select the one that fits your needs? Do you feel you are neglecting your 2 year old if they are not exposed to foreign languages or higher math?

The truth is, most kids are a product of their environment, but children need socialization and nurturing while they grow to become ready for school. If you know that you will be able to enroll your child in a foreign language program throughout their school years, then yes this may be important and studies prove a child learns more in their early years. However, if a child will not have the opportunity to continue through elementary school, then maybe this is not necessary in preschool.

Do you feel better if your child is learning more than the children at other facilities? Maybe another question to ask is, does your child feel better? Exposing your child to unnecessary anxiety may put them behind during elementary school.

Look for a center that has the same philosophy as practised at home. Do they involve the child in making decisions? Does the child grow to become self sufficient? Does the facility program support self awarness and self-esteem? These are more important things for a preschooler to learn than counting to ten in five languages.

In a center that is developmentally appropriate for your child, the simple tasks of counting, sorting, arranging will develop pre-math skills. Children that are involved with clean-up and helping others with tasks develop esteem. Socialization skills are very important to help a young child transition into elementary school.

Select a program that you are comfortable with, and is suitable for your child. Learn what the teachers are trying to accomplish and see what you can do at home to support the program. Working with your perschool is an excellent way for your child to learn consistency and become comfortable in a program. Then they will benefit the most from the program.

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