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Are you involved with your provider?

Are you the type of parent that listens to everything your provider tells you, asking questions about milestones? Or are you the type of parent that tells your provider what your child needs, because you spend most of your time with your child? Possibly, you are the type of parent who leaves all of the decisions to the provider.

Taking an active role in continuity and progress of your childs development is a very important part of parenting and is as important as selecting a provider that engages and works with your child. Just be aware that your provider has probably seen many different types of behaviors in children, and may likely suggest way to handle various situations. Listen to what the methods are trying to accomplish, ask questions if you disagree. Understand that certain behaviors are a natural part of development, and although you wish your child did not have these behaviors, all is not lost.

Having a provider with experience and training is as important in home-based care as it is in center-based care. Learn to work with your provider and ask for additional materials on the subjects or methods your provider shares with you.

Some families tend to make radical changes in care when they do not understand a given situation. Are there staffing issues that you don’t agree with? Are there policies that you do not agree with? Communicate your issues with your provider, they may not be able to share details about staffing issues, but they should be able to reassure you that the changes were necessary. Take the emotion out of your decisions, and take an active role in the way your child progresses.

If you have done your homework in selecting a provider, looking at programs, staffing, and facilities, then you should feel comfortable that you have found a good environment for your child. Work with your caregiver to help provide the very best atmosphere for your child.

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